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(eg RAC2, RACGAP1, SEMA3A; Fig. 2D) demonstrating the unique activity of GABPA in this context. Conversely, there are also a large number of genes associated with cytoskeletal and migratory functions that are bound and regulated by ELK1 and again ELK1 acts predominantly as a transcriptional activator in this context (Fig. 2D, bottom). Only a small proportion (27 ) of these direct ELK1 target genes
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The current review confirmed that the WT1 gene was alternatively spliced at Ex4a to produce isoforms with opposing roles in apoptosis, anti-apoptotic isoforms (major WT1 isoforms) and pro-apoptotic isoform (truncated Ex4a(+)WT1 isoform). Several other genes involved in apoptosis, these types of as p53 [39], Survivin [40], Fas [41], and caspase-9 [42] are recognised to produce isoforms with opposin
At No. two on the HRD ministry's list is IIT Bombay with a weighted score of 87.67. IIT Bombay too is among the oldest IITs in the country having established in the year 1958. IIT-Madras achieved the quantity 1 ranking in the list.
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Amongst the engineering institutions, the Indian Institute of Technologies (IIT), Madras has bagged the top position. The aforesaid institutions are famous for imparting undergraduate education in engineering.
National Institute of Technologies (NITK), Karnataka established in 1960 as Karnataka Regional Engineering College, is a single of such an NIT and is rated as 1 of the top technological universities in India.